Meldisolement (translated: ReportIsolation) provides an early detection method for people who have been (unwanted socially) isolated. The reason is to prevent them from geting in trouble without anyone being aware and able to help them. When people no longer want to participate in social life and isolate themselves, we try to help them by providing timely assistance.

The reason behind ReportIsolation was the finding of a woman which passed away in her home in Rotterdam. Ten years later she was found in her own house. She led a very isolated life and was not missed by people. Although this is a very exceptional situation, the municipality Rotterdam has committed himself to make sure a situation like this will not occur in the future again.

Thanks to this project, (sometimes already present) reports of social isolation from for example: local pastorate, local-bus and the local retailers are brought together (see list of affiliated organizations). To ensure that we will not approach everyone without a reason, these reports are checked on different information sources that we already have. Such as municipal administration, but also to suppliers of energy, water, medical or financial services. When there is determined there is a risk of social isolation the local caring team approaches the person to check how he / she is doing and whether they can be of any help.