The Ondernemingsdossier (Company File) is an application for the reduction of regulatory pressure, simplification of inspection and enhanced communication between government institutions and companies.

Companies have to deal with many regulations and various regulatory authorities and their inspection schedules. On average, a company must comply with 10 legislative domains, determined by the national government, provinces, municipalities, industries, patent companies and Europe. There is no central place which provides information as to which rules a company has to comply with.

Using the Ondernemingsdossier simplifies dealing with rules and regulations.

From 2011, CPI has cooperated with the SGGV (Slim Geregeld Goed Verbonden) program office and a number of industries for the development and implementation of the Ondernemingsdossier. Up to 2014, 4000 companies signed up. In 2014, CPI transferred the Ondernemingsdossier to the national government.