The Centre for Public Innovation (CPI) designs, develops, implements and manages ICT systems that improve collaboration in the public sector. Read more about our approach.


MULTIsignaal provides a Reference Index for professionals working with youth to nearly 300 municipalities in the Netherlands. Read more

Sluitend Samenwerken

Aligned Collaboration 0 – 100 years is a system in which professionals of the domain care, social and safety can indicate that they are involved with citizens. Early observation and counselling can prevent small problems to get worse. Read more


The Ondernemingsdossier (Company File) is an application for the reduction of regulatory pressure, simplification of inspection and enhanced communication between government institutions and companies. Read more


Meldisolement (translated: ReportIsolation) provides an early detection method for people who have been (unwanted socially) isolated. The reason is to prevent them from geting in trouble without anyone being aware and able to help them. When people no longer want to participate in social life and isolate themselves, we try to help them by providing timely assistance. Read more


Hotelsterren audits hotels according to the European Hotel Classification. Only participating hotels, which are classified according to the official European standardization, may carry the starshield. Read more


HorecaDNA is the new name of the catering business register. HorecaDNA makes your business easier to find and increases your insight into the catering industry. Read more

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