MULTIsignaal provides a Reference Index for professionals working with youth to nearly 300 municipalities in the Netherlands.

Approximately 15% of the youth are in the care of professionals, who support them from an educational, health-care or safety perspective. In the past, the care youngsters received, turned out to be less than adequate due to lack of collaboration between these multiple professionals. The Reference Index ensures that professionals working with youngsters can indicate their involvement and are able to contact each other in case of a common client or a family match.

Users can register youth in their care in the Reference Index via the MULTIsignaal internet application, via the App or via a link to a source system. They receive a match notification if a young person is in the care of multiple professionals or if there is an address or family match. The local Reference Index of MULTIsignaal is linked to the national Reference Index. A unified plan is drawn up in consultation with the parties involved and with the interest of the young person at heart.

MULTIsignaal was established as a result of the cooperation between the municipalities of Rotterdam, Almere and Leeuwarden. By now, nearly 300 municipalities are members of the MULTIsignaal user association (GVMS). This gives them a say in the further development of the Reference Index and the municipalities collaborate to stimulate its use. This involvement and the shared investment ensures that quality is guaranteed and that the costs are kept low.                                                                                                             

MULTIsignaal provides the technical application management, functional management, organises meetings and supports municipalities in their efforts to stimulate the use of the Reference Index, for example via the website


MULTIsignaal logo

MULTIsignaal web application

MULTIsignaal provides the technical application management to almost 300 municipalities in the Netherlands. contains videos with useful tips by professionals on using the Reference Index. Each focuses on a different subject that is either a driver or an obstacle for using the Reference Index.

MULTIsignaal verwijsindex app

MULTIsignaal Verwijsindex App

From the summer of 2014, professionals who use the MULTIsignaal Reference Index are able to download the MULTIsignaal Verwijsindex App. The app is an additional and quick option for working with the Reference Index from a smart phone or tablet.



Functional Management

MULTIsignaal takes care of functional management for over 20 regions. Our functional managers support the process coordinator or regional coordinator, among other things by removing, adding or changing accounts, setting schedulers and registering institutions in the national Reference Index. Our functional managers can also be contacted by users of the Reference Index, either by telephone or by e-mail.

MULTIsignaal newsletter application

One of our slogans is: Sharing=Multiplying. With our newsletter-tool, specially developed for our regions, clients can share newsletters with each other and ‘borrow’ from the national newsletter to quickly create and send out their own regional newsletter.

Information sessions

In order to support municipalities in their efforts to encourage use of the Reference Index, we organise regional information sessions for users of the MULTIsignaal application.