Municipalities and public organisations often face the same problems, for which they develop separate solutions. For example, an implementation organisation that identifies an issue developing in one municipality and knows that it is indicative of an urgent social problem for which the solution can be rolled out with a wider scope. Or officials wondering what is the best way to support processes with suitable ICT systems.

CPI brings parties together, assesses their common needs and invests in a prototype. The combination of ideas, experience and know-how ensures that the prototype matches the individual requirements, but also offers the scope for development into a collective system that can be used by multiple parties. In this context, CPI uses the principle that anything paid for by public money only needs to be paid for once.

CPI is a private company focused on social issues, working in close collaboration with the government and social organisations. CPI is not controlled by politics or officials, and is therefore able to adjust quickly and take the initiative in dealing with issues with widespread public support.

If you are wondering whether we can provide a solution for you, or if you would like to discuss your ideas without any obligations, please feel free to contact us!

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